Thursday, November 19, 2009

Time to Risk Living and Stop Dying.

A new life. The unknown.
Freedom is an old memory.
What is said next, done next, felt next- brings either the usual,
or the beginning of a search for freedom.
No time to bury the wounded.

Light of a new sunrise shaded by tree's;
thick fog slowly lifting.
Can the light be trusted? Is God just teasing?
Faith is tested by walking forward when the path is not remembered.
No time to bury the wounded.

Love is brutal, relentless, possessive, deceptive,
unwanted- yet starved for. Bleeding hearts drip from an
endless consumption of their life force .
No time to bury the wounded.

Throw out the boundaries and limits.
Racing to the finish line, the wind whistling through the holes
of wounded hearts. The only finish line is death.

Time to bury the wounded.
Time to risk love and letting love in.

Time to risk living and stop dying.